Ayanda Mandisa Bandla

Ayanda Mandisa Bandla, is a well-established media practitioner, actress and entrepreneur. Joining the e-Media Group as Sub-Editor for the flagship morning show, Sunrise on e.tv, her skills in journalism and communications earned her the opportunity as Anchor, Field Reporter, Insert Producer, Researcher and Writer and as a critical thinker and tactical debater. Ayanda continues to add a valuable contribution to content development.

A graduate from the University of Pretoria, acheiving a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, specialising in International Relations, Ayanda established her own business, a diversified group company with various industries including media, communications, events and youth empowerment.

Under youth empowerment, Ayanda has worked with dynamic, forward- thinking South Africans, facilitating youth empowerment seminars titled “Ubuntu Sessions” designed to inspire and empower youth, predominantly from disenfranchised communities, providing a platform and opportunity to have meaningful discussions with captains of various industries with the aim of finding practical and empowering solutions and guidance to their daily personal and professional challenges.

As a performer under Legends Actors and Performance Management where she lends her trade as an actress, presenter, voiceover artist and MC and as the face in numerous TV commercials, playing various characters in well-known TV broadcasts such as Generations, Broken Vows, Omen, Vutha, Nqobile and Ubettina Wethu, she has also starred in a number of films such as A Zulu Christmas and Dinaledi High School further adding her talent to the theatre/Stage production show “The African Mamas”, performed in the Netherlands.
"Being part of a project as significant as Homeland: A Song for Refugees, is truly an honour.

This project is a much needed cry for political and religious unity and peace in Africa, so as to restore the beauty, dignity and strength of the African continent, its resources and its people.

A call to ultimately restore and reclaim Africa as a place that many who have been displaced can return to… their place called home!"