Cindy Alter

Cindy Alter needs no introduction; her musical history speaks for itself globally. A 14 million album selling artist, along with her published autobiography called, “No Substitute”. From Clout to present day, she continues to perform and record, shining her light on the world., where the passion for her art is her driving force, delivering an unstoppable pulse of peaceful rock and dynamic Americana.

Her powerful story has captured the hearts of those who are aware of her contribution to the music industry as well as her story of survival inspiring and moving her audiences A shining example to all, having fought against innumerable odds to succeed in a cut-throat business, she has weathered the storms of abusive relationships and beaten cancer, whilst continuing to shine her uplifting energy on everyone that crosses her path.
”I was asked to sing on this project and was delighted to be a part of something so special and unique. It is a special time in the world right now, people are displaced, people are lost and people can’t go home.

I love the message in this song calling us to our homeland, wherever it may be. We are all refugees, we all came from somewhere, and we all belong somewhere.

Once we realise the world is connected by people from countries far and wide, I believe we will be more compassionate to the trials and tribulations of refugees everywhere”