Durrell Ivandro Jadir Jacinto

Durrell Ivandro Jadir Jacinto aka Rocksteady Dub was born in Maputo, Mozambique. Growing a love for music at an early age, watching his uncles perform in the 80’s sparked his desire to pursue a musical career. Studying music at the Funda Community College in Soweto, he went on to release his album “One World Citizen” in 2007, later signing with Sony ATV.

With a string of musical achievements that include some of his music being included in the SA Blockbuster and Oscar nominated movie “The White Wedding”, he also performed at the 2010 World Cup Kick Off Concert.

Rocksteady expresses his undying love for the African continent, its people and its culture in his music, that is a mix of rock reggae, pop, hip hop and dub step along with his own vocal style, addressing issues of inequality and injustice along with his undying love for family and to those who have contributed to his life and ultimately his success.

He is currently working on his new project coming out May 2022 called Freedom Radio/Rebel Sojourner. Working alongside Blaise Jonichon and Jay Savage in establishing their own record label called Present Global of which Rocksteady is one of the artists.
”As a migrant living in SA, the topic of refugees is very close to my heart. Our struggles in foreign lands are intertwined, so I feel very involved.

The message on the song is very heart warming and soothing, that after all we've been through all we want to do is to be home everywhere around the world."