Reine Atallah Saad

Reine Atallah Saad, born in Lebanon, grew up listening to Oriental and Occidental Music, influenced by artists from Fairuz and Wadih El Safi to Edith Piaf and Stevie Wonder. Reine started singing in her Church choir at the age of 14, falling in love with music; she started writing Church hymns communicating with her Creator.
Studying Oriental and Classic Singing parallel to her degree, singing at Weddings and big events with many Lebanese musicians inside and outside her country, she was enriched by learning different styles and languages and is well known for her musical crossover especially between Latin and Oriental, performing in different languages.

Moving to South Africa In 2011, Reine was welcomed with open arms into both the Lebanese Church and Lebanese community in Johannesburg, forging her commitment to her Church’s choir, making her integration in SA much easier and more pleasant.
”I feel extremely lucky to have taken part on the refugee’s song project. This is a song with a big cause; expressing pain, longing and hope which was interpreted so clearly and honestly
by everyone involved.

I was honored when Neill Solomon asked me to write the lyrics of the Arabic version and although I’m not a refugee, living outside my homeland allowed me to express how much I long for the place that I come from.

Witnessing the authenticity and feelings expressed through the voices of all of the featured Vocalists, the song turned out to be like a prayer for all refugees”.