Nkanyiso Martin Ngwenya

Nkanyiso Martin Ngwenya is a Sound Engineer, musician, and producer, currently serving as an assistant Studio Engineer for Flame Studios. Originally from Durban, he grew up as a church musician. With a keen interest and flair, he studied Study Audio Engineering at the Academy of Sound Engineering, graduating in 2019, embarking on a stunning career as a Live Sound Engineer, touring with acts such as Lady Zamar, Tellaman and Rolene.

“Music has always been a passion of mine, whether it's on an instrument or behind a mixing desk. And as a Producer and songwriter, having the opportunity working as Studio Engineer has been incredibly rewarding”.

”Working on the Homeland: A Song for Refugees project, as studio engineer, assisting JB Arthur, the producer, with all the technical duties has been an incredible experience.

For a song like Homeland, diversity and representation is key and has no doubt been captured. The impact is broad and cross-cultural with all the sounds and voices that were used.

This song is relatable to a diverse audience which is an important strength to have if you are trying to speak to a worldwide audience. It is my hope that the songs’ message brings comfort to those who need it and that it inspires hope and highlights a very positive prospect that is:

The world hears your cry, a better and brighter future is on the horizon... "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning"