Godfrey Mgcina

Godfrey Mgcina, born in 1955, is a world class and sought after percussionist. His passion for playing drums dates back to 1971 with a long history of playing alongside music greats such as Abigail Kubheka, Thandie Klassen, Dolly Rathebe and Dorothy Masuka.

Joining a band in the1980’s called Razzmatazz, who had the opportunity to back international stars that came to South Africa, like Shirley Brown and Clarence Carter, recording the LIVE IN JOHANNESBURG album by Clarence Carter, yet were sadly never credited for the album.

Joining the pop group called Image, famous for their live performances, touring the country, including Lesotho, Botswana and Swaziland, Godfrey then joined Mbongeni Ngema’s Sarafina as percussionist, touring most of Europe.

Later growing a love for Jazz music, he joined Bheki Khoza, adding his magic to jazz standard tunes, playing live with some of South Africa’s top jazz musicians and industry giants such as Hugh Masekela, Jonas Gwangwa, Caiphus Semenya and Letta Mbulu. He continues to this day as a freelance musician.
”I am honoured to be a part of this wonderful project. I think it is a good initiative that the plight of refugees is being focused on.

As I have previously participated in the Jonas Gwangwa Band in Algeria on a gig for refugees, the subject is close to me”.